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Chiye Industrial (Shanghai) Co, Chiye Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Founded on May 18, 2010, registered in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science and Technology City, it is a technologically innovative enterprise dedicated to overall solutions for gynecological clinics.At present, the company's main research and development products include: Meizhiyi® colposcopy workstation system, gynecological day surgery workstation, automatic fetal suction device, etc.;In the field of energy platform, we are the registered Chinese importer of German Asclepion®-CO2 laser, Karl Kaps® vaginal microscope and AGAsan® electric examination chair. We are also the advocate and pioneer of ultra-minimal invasive gynecological surgery under the microscope.
At the beginning of the new year in 2020, we are fortunate to be the sales and technical service platform of Mindray Medical's infusion pump series in Shanghai."To one person"Relying on professional and rich market experience, with high-quality products and high professionalism, it has been recognized by industry peers, and has successfully recommended high-quality brand products to medical staff to benefit patients.
Finally, we are willing to join hands with more industry elites in order to create a brilliant tomorrow...

Our motto: Zhiyuan takes heavy responsibility, promises one word and deed;
Our motivation: health and innovation are our eternal pursuit;
Our vision: to be a portal provider of overall solutions for obstetrics and gynecology clinics.
our team
Pass on responsibility, service to one
Health and innovation are our eternal pursuit
The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: "If there is no health, wisdom is difficult to use, strength cannot fight, and wealth will become rubbish." On our way forward, the changing environment may bring countless difficulties and obstacles to the development of the enterprise. We firmly believe that the efforts of the team can illuminate one more night On the way of our life, maybe you and I will pass by and we never met, but we will still use a rigorous attitude, firm belief and innovative thinking To protect your health, let you embrace your family and embrace joy